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One More Useless Website

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Bible Study Materials, Music, Movies, Books, and the occasional useless bit of info.

Also be aware that I have no control over the ads posted on this site by tripod.  I chose the ad topic that is least likely to cause problems, but please note that I am powerless in this.

Above you can find a variety of topics and subjects.  There's a short bio of me, and then are listed my sermon topics and lesson plans.  After that comes my essays for class, fun, or representing private research.  And last of all is a page of some links that you may or may not find interesting.
I am quite human, and so I know there are plenty of typos and other mistakes.  In my sermon outlines, please be aware that I occasionally write down the wrong verse.  If anything appears to be in error or wrong, please tell me so we can get it worked out.
All the materials provided are for your use.  Feel free to use them in any way that does not result in a grade or payment.
I'm also having a problem with the system reformatting things randomly, and I'm too lazy to put the work in to make it all nice and uniform.  I apologize for strange formatting.

If you desire more information on any of these, or other topics, please email me at  If you have my normal email address, please feel free to use that one instead.  Please indicate what topic you wish to learn about or discuss in the subject line.  Thank you.