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Emotion or Emotionalism

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A sermon for illustrating that not all emotion is excess

It seems as though every time I say that Christians need to have emotional responses to the Bible, I hear a sermon or class taught on the evils of emotionalism right afterwards.  Right now at the beginning, I want to say that I do not believe in charismatic teaching or emotionalism.  I do, however, believe in scriptural based emotion.


Emotion is tied to righteousness:

Luke 17:11-19                    -His emotion is apparently tied in with faith

James 5:13                            -The relationship between singing to god and emotion


Happiness and Joy

Exodus 15:20-21                    -Miriam and women dance with joy and praise God

Matthew 5:12             -Christ tells us to rejoice and be glad

Acts 2:46                                -Disciples eat daily with gladness

Acts 5:41                                -Apostles rejoice

Acts 8:35-39                          -Ethiopian eunuch rejoices

Acts 11:23                             -Peter is glad

Acts 13:47-48                    -Gentiles were glad that they could be included

Acts 16:25-34                    -Jailor converted, rejoices

Philippians 4:4                   -Rejoice in the Lord always!



Psalm 51                                -Davids sorrow at having sinned with Bathsheba

Matthew 26:69-75                    -Peter weeps after denying Christ

2 Corinthians 7:10                -Godly sorrow



Righteous Anger

Exodus 32:19-21                    -Moses is angry at the Israelites sin

John 2:13-17             -Jesus clears the temple

Ephesians 4:26                -Anger is not condemned, but we are warned to be                                                 properly angry



Psalm 33:8                            -Let all men stand in awe of Him

Luke 5:26                               -Full of awe and gave glory to God



John 16:32-33                    -Christ taught that we might have peace

Romans 5:1-2                      -Peace ion Christ (as well as joy)

Philippians 4:6-7               -Peace of God


When you read passages such as Mark 15:16-37, what goes through your mind?  Do you simply think, My, thats an interesting fact? 

Or how about passages such as Matthew 11:28-30?  Do you simply think to yourself, thats nice?


There is a place in worshipping God for emotion.  Christ showed godly emotion.  The apostles showed godly emotion.  Perhaps we should too? 


If you havent been baptized, now is the opportunity to have the peace that comes with Christ, that you may rejoice in being saved.  Or perhaps you are sorrowful that you have drifted away from God, and wish to return.  Or perhaps you simply want the prayers of the saints for strength and encouragement.  Now is the opportunity set aside here to come forward as we stand and sing.