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Making the Faith Your Own

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A sermon outline created to examine the need for personal growth.

I remember one very disappointing occasion.  I was discussing a matter of doctrine with another person in the church, about my age, and they were adamant about their view (which I am still convinced is wrong, by the way).  They never pointed out any scripture or provided any passages for proof.  When I finally asked them why they believe that way, they gave a very simple answer.  My dad told me so.  This is very sad indeed.


Many people go to services and call themselves Christians, but do not truly have their own faith.  They often will base their faith off that of a parent, an elder, or a preacher.  We must be sure that the Faith truly belongs to us.


John 4:39-42                        -Many believed initially from her word, but then full faith from God

Philippians 2:12-13                       -Work out your own salvation

Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23            -It is possible to not be firmly rooted in faith


We must study to fully develop our faith.


Romans 10:17              -faith comes by hearing

Acts 17:11                            -Bereans were more noble

1 John 4:1                             -test the spirits how can we test them if we dont know the standard?


We must make sure that we truly believe and that our faith is our own because of false teachers.  It is easy to lead someone astray when his or her faith is not deeply rooted.  Often people follow blindly others because they do not fully have their own faith.


Matthew 7:15-20

Matthew 24:4-5

Matthew 24:24

Acts 20:28-30

2 Peter 2:1-2

1 John 4:1-6


These men do not obviously preach against the Word.  They are subtle, and shift emphasis away from God to themselves over time.  You cannot realize it or fight it unless you have a developed, strong, full faith.  Your own faith.


If I never question traditions and the way things are done, is it truly my faith?  Or are we really just following blindly?  Often people blindly follow things that are not necessarily wrong, but they follow them as though they are necessary.


Isaiah 1:10-20                    -Children of Israel offering vain worship, worship by rote

Mathew 15:1-9             -Disciples not wash hands before eating


If we dont realize things are traditions, we often bind them on others, which is just plain wrong.


Deuteronomy 4:2

2 John 9

Revelation 22:18-19


How can we know what is tradition of man and what is given by God unless we study and make the faith our own?


We must beware the leaven of the Pharisees!


Luke 12:1                               -which is hypocrisy

Matthew 23:23-28              -outwardly righteous, not inside


Are you not a hypocrite if you go through the motions but do not truly believe? 


John 4:24                              -We must worship in spirit and in truth.  Can we do so if  we do not fully believe?


Can you defend your faith to others?  If you cant, then the faith doesnt belong to you, now does it?  Surely a Christian can say why they were baptized, right?   Unfortunately, they often cannot.  They were baptized just because it was the thing to do.


1 Peter 3:15                          -Be prepared to give an answer for your faith

Matthew 4:1-11             -Temptation of Christ by Satan, He answers it is written


It is over emphasized by many outside the church, and often ignored by people within the Church, but we must have a personal relationship with God and Christ. 


John 14:6                              -Must know ME (Christ)

Luke 10:25-28                    -Love the Lord your God 


These are very personal statements.  These require each person to have a personal faith, not a faith based on parents or preachers, elders or teachers.  Because when it all comes to the Judgment Day, YOU will have to answer.  Have you developed your own faith?